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Concept choreography

So, when Jess comes up with her Calvert Block concept album, can we also come up with an accompanying set of concept choreography?  I was thinking something like this would be cool.  Maybe we would paint Calvert down someones arm and another person would have -itcal on one hand with “is” on the other.  Watch the video and that will make sense.  Oh, but I guess it means Jess will have to write us a song about how Calvert is vertical.  Not as catchy as “you gotta be here,” but I have confidence she could make it work. 


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Drink more

Nahyun remembers it’s February 29 tomorrow, a rare day not to be escaped without a rare drinking binge.

Jess reminded me last night of this opportune day to celebrate something from nothing! As you all know, Leap Year only comes around once every four years, and we can’t let this day go by without commemorating it in Calvert Block style.

It’s probably too late to make Leap Year costumes or hats or stockings, so I propose we go out down by Inner Harbor/Power Plant (Anna’s favorite joint) and celebrate by reverting back to Nahyun’s first year at JHSPH… and drink 29 beers… amongst all of us. (Paul, I know this might be hard for you to do, but maybe you can be our scorekeeper?)

Radha responds, revealing serious math problem solving cred and a gritty determination to leverage our collective skill set for best drinking practices: (more…)

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Good cat, long life

RIP Little Key Key

Key Key had a long life coexisting with our neurotic terrier-Spitz, Bunkiss, and avoiding my new blind dog Foxy Brown. She and Bunkiss are resting in peace under some dirt mounds in our backyard pet cemetary in Silver Spring. RIP, little cat.

Sorry I suck at Photoshop, Key Key.

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Hey- so I think this has been out for a while and I’m just late to hear.  But there’s this new web browser called Flock.  It’s a web browser built for the socially connected.  The virtually soially connected, anyways.  It basically let you share stuff you are looking at with people in your social network sites more easily, by logging you in and keeping an open access to facebook, flickr and any other site available in a left hand pane while you surf the web.  It also updates you when there’s new messages or changes to sites you like.  I can’t decide if I like it or if it’s sensory overload…but I thought I’d share! 

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Please save the date for Friday March 7. Games galore, and cupcakes, chez moi.

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Sevilla with Tony Fauci

Remember Radia and Brian from Genevieve’s birthday party?  Or more to the point, remember their kids, the ones who gave us the eye for being weird and then spent most of the night behind the counter making pizzas?  Well, they have now made the New York Times.  Check out the article, about their turn as film stars in Radia and Brian’s Documentary, “Please Talk to Your Kids about AIDS.”

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Juno Safe Sex Video

As if I didn’t already love this movie and its quirky cast to pieces–big props to ballsy Diablo Cody, the copy editor-cum-stripper-cum-blogger, now an Oscar-winning screenwriter, I stumbled upon this safe sex cartoon on YouTube. I want to post it on the INFO Project Blog, but the giant title, “WRAP YOUR JUNK,” may not be appropriate. The catchy tune is reminiscent of Juno’s winningly folksy soundtrack.

I don’t know what organization or lone genius made this clip, but word up to them for stating the obvious that if you don’t want your girlfriend to be a “big whale” you might want to wrap it, man.

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