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Stamp Out Poop, Calvert!

Ok, not to start up on another rant, but what’s up with the dog poop on the block?
Stamp Out Poop!

This was me sliding around this morning over the grimy rain-soaked pavement on our smelly, smelly block. Stopped to clean it off and stepped on poop with the other sneaker (new $125 New Balances). Why are the 900s so poop-invested, Calvert Street?

Honestly, Foxy is appalled!


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This blogger thinks that Rosee should take the GREs over so that she can get a true assessment of all the hard work she put in over the past 4 months. TAKE THAT ETS!!!! SCREW YOU!!!!!!

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ETS Rant

Blogs get a bad rep because they empower the un-throttled rant to ricochet throughout the net (embarrassing, potentially libelous). Alternatively, a blog rant may languish in a tiny cyber pocket making the writer look sad (for any second party who happens upon said post) and not nearly busy enough with her daytime job.

I’ve got a rant for you, Calvert Street. Fair warning… See, I took the $*(W%#&$ GRE (nb, a signature of said blogging style is to punch symbol keys with emphasis) this morning and I thought I did good. Yeah! I was thinking, Take that, my 21 year-old interns, rolling out of bed and acing that sucker. And yes, everyone but me at Prometrics’ 13th floor perch at 1501 South Clinton Street was 22, wearing sweats and sporting bed head. (more…)

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I report to you from the new jobby job!  Day two is in swing and going well.  Yesterday I got a interestingly (and hopefully) on-target horoscope in the DC Express Paper.  We’ll see what today’s paper holds….You know, I have this thought: we 900 Calverters are becomnig increasingly spread out by day.  It’s like we go out into the ‘diaspora’ of 900 Calvert.  During daytime, this blog is like our virtual “block” on the internets.  Hm, nice. 

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Last night Rose, Radha, Jess and I came upon this lovely treasure abandoned in an alley on the way home from the Owl Bar. We only needed admire it for 30 seconds before someone suggested we take it home with us. The four of us were able to lug it a few blocks through Mt Vernon and up 3 narrow flights of stairs into our living room with surprising ease. Now it looks like we live in an old-timey bordello or a gentleman’s smoking lounge! Today I lovingly doused it with Resolve Multi-fabric cleaner, and I found a small firecracker in the crevice. What a great weekend!

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Apparently, our city is launching an initiative to double our foliage cover by 2038. Local artists are helping to promote this with the Baltimore Urban Forest Project. From April 11 – June 27 there will be banners promoting this initiative and then the banners will be recycled into oh-so-hip-eco bags to be sold for $120. Sniff. Too expensive for my taste, but the initiative sounds awesome! Baltimore needs more trees.

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I got on the Metro in DC morning to find that they had featured our gross lovely city of Baltimore in the Lifestyles section! Check it out.

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