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The Neverending Story

Thanks, Sam, way to make my officemate think I\'m even weirder, snickering to myself and all


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Foxy’s Soul Mate?

A seeing eye cat, for my blind dog?  If anyone sees one, let me know.

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When the cake shop comes…

When Jess opens her cake shop, I will have to invent a magical egg cracking by laser beam machine.  That way I can secure my place as egg cracker in her cake industry that will surely take North America by storm.  But, I would also like to suggest that Jess approach cakes as a daredevil food.  In order to do that, she’ll have to source for the most daring ingredients.  Habanero frosting?  Pickles and Cinnamon layer cake?  Not half as daring as a Yellow cake topped with crushed scorpion toffee candy.  And where, do tell, does one get scorpiontoffee candy?  Edible.com has you covered. 

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Email misuse

Email misuse… Yesterday it was an exclamation point “URGENT!!” marker on a memo about an upcoming picnic. Today, it’s a “Urgent” reminder about a Live Safe training on “how to protect you and your family.” It sounds like a Hillary Clinton ad:
“It is 2:00 in the morning. Everyone is asleep. Suddenly you are awakened by the sound of someone breaking-in…You CAN protect your family without using guns or violence. Do you know how?”

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Jimmy Carter gets my vote

I guess he’s not running this year, but I’d like to cast a symbolic vote here for cute octogenarian Jimmy Carter. Reagan’s predecessor is wise, provocative, courageous, and ever-industrious, these days, forging new paths for peace in the Middle East. Let’s hope his ambitious plan pans out.

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My weekend at a wedding in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, was set to a meledy of mid-1990s anthems. I had made the bride an old school mix to commemorate our misspent youth devoted to touring Silver Spring, Maryland in a white station wagon dubbed Shamu, jamming out to WHFS 99.1 and WPGC 95.5. Lacking TV, iPod speakers and normal radio stations (we stayed at a remote church compound where cell phones barely worked) we guests whiled away the afternoon to Mariah, Puffy, Gwen and the Ghosttown DJs (who gave the world “My Boo”).  Jesus looked down sternly from portraits on the wall of the Bishop’s Apartment-cum-Bridal Suite. An iconic video of one of Diddy’s blockbuster ditties follows. (more…)

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Dogs at Cocktail Parties

Hamilton the dog

My friend Sam has this new site, I’m Not Feeling You.

A couple days ago, he wasn’t feeling his pitt bull Hamilton.

“Here’s what I would say if I ran into my dog at a cocktail party:

Oh, hey! How are you? Remind me what is it you do again?… [cocktail chatter]…

By the way, I hear you’re doing an awesome job not scaring away the mice in my apartment.”

Ham tried to bite off Foxy’s head in Madison Square Park, but normally he’s pretty tame, I think, and yes, like the blind fox is useless against mice.

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