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We think this is a (brilliant)¬†April Fool’s Joke, from¬†ThinkGeek.com: “When we were visiting Tokyo recently and saw lines of Japanese schoolgirls waiting to play an amazing new game for the Wii called Super Pii Pii Brothers we were only a little surprised…

Product Features:

  • Video Game for Nintendo Wii Provides a Virtual Peeing Experience
  • Amazing Realistic Pee Fluid Dynamics
  • Imported from Japan
  • Comes with game disc and Wiimote belt harness
  • Includes cross regional boot disc to allow play on US Wii consoles
  • Minimal Japanese text makes game easy to understand if you can’t read Japanese
  • Over 100 different peeing environments with multiple toilet and urinal styles
  • Up to two players can compete with dueling pee streams

Can someone turn this into reality?


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I’m obsessed and I haven’t even tried it. There’s this West African berry called the Miracle Fruit and it makes everything taste a bit sweeter. The New York Times just did a article/video feature on it in their Wine and Dining section. Just one berry, and for an hour vinegar tastes like apple juice, fresh-cut limes taste like they’ve been dipped in sugar and tabasco sauce turns into “hot doughnut glaze.” Then there’s the guy who hosts the miracle fruit “Taste Tripping” parties…he wears a periwinkle track suit and dispenses a berry to each person who dishes out $2.50 to attend his mysterious rooftop shindigs. He goes by the name “Supreme” and asks people to just trust him. Wild, man.

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Dispatch from Roma elevator

Friends and Neighbors,

Pardon the interruption from our regularly-scheduled Baltimore bloggery. Permit me, dear reader, to fire off a dispatch, and a sigh of relief, from Italy’s illustrious capitol city. Along with dizzyingly ornate baroque churches, picturesque ruins, and heaping amounts of gorgonzola pasta, Roman ubiquity encompasses charming, small elevators in narrow shafts carved from marble stairs. After a harrowing night trapped in one such 1930s-era lift, I am pleased to share some helpful advice.

  1. Tap-dancing, while effective in speeding the creaky lift in Thoroughly Modern Millie, can, in life outside Julie Andrews movies, make a slow elevator stop.
  2. It will not start again no matter what buttons you push.
  3. While you may have suspected otherwise, encouraging your 6’2″ friends to jump while you continue shuffling off to buffalo will not restart its progress.
  4. Kicking the dusty elevator shaft grate is more likely to injure your foot than engender an escape hatch.
  5. The above proceedings do not please the Roma fire department.

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In cutest-animal-story-ever news, I read about a bird who got lost and was able to tell the vet his name and address in order to be returned to his owners. The bird, however, did not open up to the coppers, despite the fact that they found and held custody of it first.

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Baltimore’s Greatness

Big Brown’s less-than-surprising Pimlico race win was preceded by a triumphant photo finish by an illustrious crustacean in the Lexington Market Preakness Crab Derby. Egged on by a water gun and “secret tricks” including melted butter (the irony), a wily brown sea creature scampered across the finish line to shouts and whistles–and as a reward, was set free to live out the rest of her days scuttling along the Chesapeake floor.

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Summer Concerts

I love it when someone does the work of sifting through concert listings to hit upon a few good excuses to picnic at Merriweather. I haven’t been to Columbia, Maryland’s musical emporium since a Metallica concert circa 1994, in their shining Sandman days.

Below, a listing of DC-area shows including Seu Jorge and Thievery Corporation, which which I will consol myself when I wake up and realize I can’t walk to the Water Taxi on 34th street anymore.

May 17 – Preakness Stakes (Horse race) – Baltimore – $25
May 27 – Afrissippi – Iota – $12
May 28 – Ben Folds – Wolf Trap
May 22- June 1st – Shakespeare free for all – Hamlet
June 7 – Rilo Kiley – Rams Head Live (930 show sold out)
June 9 – Death Cab for Cutie – Merriweather Pavilion $30
June 11 – REM and Modest Mouse – Merriweather $50
June 12 – Pete Francis and Brad (from dispatch) The State Theater – $15
June 17 – Adele – Sixth and I Historic Synaugug – $15
June 19 – Jonathan Rice – Rock and Roll Hotel – $12
June 19 – Rain: The Beatles Experience – Wolf Trap $25
June 20 – Salif Keita – Lisner Auditorium $25
June 28 – The Thievery Corporation and Seu George – Merriweather $35
July 1 – Sergio Mendes/Zap Mama – Wolf Trap $25
July 2 – Coldplay – Verizon center – $50
July 10 – NSO Tschaikovsky – Wolf Trap $25
July 17 – Indigo Girls/Brandi Carlisle – Wolf Trap $25
July 25 – Matt Costa – Recher Theater (Baltimore) $18
August 11- Herbie Hancock – Wolf Trap $30
August 15 – G. Love and the Special Sauce $35
August 23 – Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band (famous people do the entire beatles album) – Wolf Trap – $30

In Baltimore, upcoming shows include Dan Deacon and Dilpo at Sonar.

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Nahyun’s theory holds water… Baltimore drivers really are that rude.

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