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Delta Delta Delta

This blog is on a summer hiatus. We are delta-bound again; back in August.
Happy Artscape Weekend!!!


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Population Dip? Swell

Just do It

Just do It

On the Urban Discoveries Blog, Matt Smith highlights a recent article showing Baltimore’s population is plunging by some 3000 people every year. He proposes 6 highly sensible ways to increase the population. Here are a few more, coming at you from the New York City Department of City Planning.

According to the census, the City of New York grew by 686,000 people between 1990 and 2000 — more than Baltimore’s entire population, added within 10 years. How’d they do it?

a. “Substantial natural increase” a.k.a., baby-making, so that more people were born than died. This is a scalable model we can adopt, no?

b. “Domestic migration losses offset by immigration.” White people moving to put babies in suburban schools were replaced (who needs ’em anyway) by plucky immigrants. Let’s here it for the Koreans and the El Salvadorians, and their bim bam bop tortillas. Come all ye Vietnamese, Indians, Hmong, Liberians, Maoris.


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Plotting an Artscape Frenzy

new album from Nickodemus

new album from Nickodemus

The 2009 installment of Artscape is coming up this weekend. At America’s Largest Public Arts Festival, there’s a little something for everyone (and we mean it, everyone and your mom will be there, all sweaty and eating funnel cakes).

We can’t wait to get Going the Distance with Cake,  Say A Little Prayer (or even better, have psychic readings) with Dionne Warwick, scope a 10-person bike ride with the New Shanghai Circus (coming to us live from Branson, Missouri), and jam with Robert Randolph’s family band.

And our homie Nickodemus is taking a hiatus from his usual gig with Turntables on the Hudson at New York’s always sizzling Water Taxi Beach to get Artscape’s afternoon crowd bumping from the Main Stage on Sunday.

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Be a Friend of Tilapia

header-freshthoughtsApparently there was a sustainable dinner series at the aquarium, which is super cool but disappointing because according to Black Coffee and a Donut, they just had the last one. The Fresh Thoughts dinners included dolphin shows and squid exhibits.

Out of this Mexico-themed shindig (guacamole, lime-cilantro creme, pepita seed salad) comes an interesting factoid.

Per the Black Coffee gals, who we recently bumped into at Joe Squared, the foodie mecca pizza joint (a rare string of words) on North Avenue, tilapia = Veganfish:

Tilapia, which is farm-raised in Maryland, “is an herbivore so it is low down on the food chain. Lower down on the food chain means fewer fish went into creating the fish you are eating … for every pound of tuna you eat (which is high on the food chain), that represents 10 pounds of squid.”

Not convinced? Peep this recipe for tilapia tacos

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Scrooge from Ducktails

Scrooge from Ducktails

Baltimore City Police were watching a guy on Prestman Street in West Baltimore for a while. They figured Mr. Trenell Murphy was dealing, especially when he chucked a trash bag full of coke bags (or some paraphernalia) out the window of his truck. The plucky gumshoes assumed the truck was being used in a crime. But how did they finally make the bust?

The detectives got a lucky break. One recounted his discovery to the City Paper’s Mobtown Beat:

“He [Murphy] told me, ‘I have a spot up the street where I can take you to where there is 40 keys [kilograms] of cocaine’ He accompanied us to the truck and said, ‘It’s in there, it’s in the bed of the truck.’ ”

Duh, isn’t it always in the truck bed?

The “historic” seizure in February is detailed here. The Biggest Bust in History–a stash valued at $2-3 million–was reported in the City Paper:

“After taking Murphy into custody, the detectives searched his black Chevrolet truck parked outside the house and in its bed found “approximately forty (40) wrapped kilogram-sized bricks of suspected cocaine,” the complaint states, which also describes them as being wrapped in newspaper.”

The paper also reported that, “Directly across the street from the house is a flashing Baltimore Police Department blue-light camera, a device meant to serve as an investigative tool and deterrent to crime.”

More importantly, what does 90 pounds of coke look like? Can you build a sandcastle with it? Can you make a fort with those bricks? Do you dive into snowy piles, like on Ducktails?

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Sno Ball image courtesy of Urban Wanderer

Sno Ball image courtesy of Urban Wanderer

It’s 4th of July weekend. America, our America, land of Stars and Stripes tees, anemic hot dogs in buns, pudgy dogs in red collars, porky men in too-tight shorts, yellow-haired children clutching glowing light sabers, whistling Chinese fireworks in the sky, and cold beer.

Top 10 ways you can tell you’re in Baltimore on Independence Day Weekend:

10)Cash-poor police department installs sobriety check on Interstate 395 to challenge all drivers entering Charm City.

9) Harbor water mysteriously turns color. Fishy-smelling grey is now fishy-smelling aquamarine.

8) Patriotic visitors strolling the harbor observe a 15-foot cell phone, supposedly the world’s largest, thanks to fireworks sponsor CricKet. Wild rock music plays, people are invited to make the “biggest call of their lives”

7) To witness the Harbor fireworks display, multilingual families camp out 10 hours before showtime on the lawn within ear blast by Poison from the Hard Rock Cafe loudspeakers. The saree-clad Desi camp settled in opposite the aquarium where bullhorns shepherded sunstroked parents and children through a multitude of lines.

6) African American Festival at M&T Bank Stadium features poetry slam, spelling bee, health education fair, and $5000 VIP cabana seats.

5) Fort McHenry revelers commemorate the day with fife and drum music, cannon-firing, poetry reading, musket salute for 18 states, period games, feasting and historic toasts… and hanging King George in effigy.

4) Crab permeates air, shards of claws appear in gutters, your neighbor’s fingernails are crusted with Old Bay.

3) Sno-Balls trump Bomb Pops. Souse that sucker in Blue Raspberry, Cherry and Vanilla.

2) The roofs in Fell’s fit together like jigsaw squares. From the ubiquitous wooden decks, roof hopping becomes a competitive sport (Ray Ray, the hahbor view’s better down here!).

1) It’s 3am and loud banging noises sound off in quick succession. POP POP POP POP!! Firecrackers, faulty wiring exploding, or semiautomatic weapons?

God bless America.

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