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Redeeming Ray-Ray

From Washington Post The Baltimore Block blog has been quiet of late. Let me tell you, the block hasn’t been on fire with late summer parties. What remains of the non migratory block population has been ensconced in the library, cramming for biostatistics. But an unseemly headline from the local rag B the Spot has roused us from self-imposed seclusion to revisit the blog waters.

The Monday, August 31 headline looked straightforward at first: It read, “Rye Rye’s Ready to Rumble — MIA Protege Busts Out of B-More”. Our first thought: Rye Rye is leaving Baltimore! Sad but predictable: Another awesomely talented Charm City music icon leaves urban backwater for the Platinum-paved streets of New York City.

The shocking disingenuity of the headline revealed itself when the reader turned to page 16 and read the heartbreaking update about the teenager who British pop star M.I.A. has sampled in chart-topping singles like the remix for Paper Planes. We’ve heard her distinctive girlish high toned raps pipe up in hipster boites here and overseas.

The story–penned not by B or parent paper The Sun but by the Washington Post’s Kate Kilpatrick–is about the trauma that makes kids in Baltimore “grow up fast” as the original story was subtitled in the Post when it came out on August 2 (what made B wait for 30 days to run this thing?).

Rye – Rye’s debut album on Interscope was scheduled to come out this year. Now, she’s preggers, due in October, and the record is on hold. She’s waiting to see if Interscope drops it (and her, as a client) like it’s hot. (more…)


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