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Generic DuClaw Finally Shuts

Beer flavored with a subtle head of Spencer Gifts and Hallmark

Anna Ditcoff of the City Paper reports that DuClaw Brewing Company is shutting its doors for the last time at midnight. The brewery chain moved into a giant Bond street space by a scenic wharf in 2004, to lukewarm reviews.

It had its fans, to be sure. Some people loved the Misfit Red Amber, and who could resist trying the “groovy” Funk wheat beer. Regulars can still venture out of Baltimore to (as the menu suggests) “stuff your face” with a pretzel “smothered” in crap crab dip at DuClaw’s Arundel Mills or Bowie Town Center locations.


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On TV, No Bull

As Brian notes (“New Beginnings”), this blog has recently awoken after a prolonged slumber (two words: bio statistics; if you understand that stuff you can also use the words together, and good for you). You may wonder who Brian is. We wrote about him every now and again. Now he’s here to get things going again. On with the show.

While the blog lay dusty in a desk drawer, an episode of the celebrity chef program No Reservations re-energized debate about the city’s Wire-imposed rep.

In a whirlwind tour of the American Rust Belt, featured in an episode aired in late July, Anthony Bourdain touches down in West Baltimore for lake trout at The Roost, “football sized” crab cake at Moe’s and gossip with Felicia “Snoop” Pearson. Now a megarich globe-trotting chef-cum-memoirist-cum-reality star, he confides to Pearson that while living in Baltimore in the 80s, he drove to New York to score dope, not being savvy enough to find heroin here in the city where grandmas shoot up. On the show, Bourdain strolls with Pearson down a street lined with burned out rowhouses and abandoned couches. It could be The Wire‘s Hampsterdam but that’s besides the point: it could be almost any block in East or West or South Baltimore. (more…)

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Aerial Shot of Fort McHenryYesterday’s eerily foggy and rainy weather gave way to abundant sunshine this morning, and the Baltimore Block was there to greet the day in fashion.  Done up in our finest new clothes, we cleared the cobwebs off our lonely bicycles and made our way to the Abbey Burger Bistro for some early morning footie.  The Bistro, which is home to both the Charm City Gooners and one of the most extensive burger menus in town (plus some of the more intriguing milkshakes including the Berger Shake – ingredients = berger cookies, vanilla ice cream, stoli vanilla and godiva liquer), was surprisingly full for the 830 AM kickoff, and the Arsenal supporters left happy after a convincing 3 x 0 victory over an ambitious Aston Villa side who is poised to qualify for next year’s UEFA Champions League. (more…)

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