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Kidz to Work It at Rams Head

Terrificdom and Awesomeness

I am not the first person on this bandwagon but I’m fully on board now. Get ’em Mamis are “red hot“. They’ll be at the Rams Head in a couple weeks. Now, Rams is located in Ground Zero of bad taste, otherwise known as the Powerplant Live!, a strip mall for boozers on Market Street. For better or for worse, the Rams Head is more civilized than its surroundings (exhibit A: the Angels RockBar, beloved by slurry Dundalk girls with bad dye jobs and muffin tops). In fact, Rams was so civilized that we almost fell asleep watching The Shins last year. Barely anyone was doing the indie rock head bob, much less dancing. (more…)


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Get off My Kale, Snow

Think you’ve got it rough what with digging out your Hondas? Real Food Farm in Northeast Baltimore has 4 plastic “hoop” greenhouses with 6-8 feet of snow between them. Yet they continue to grow and harvest fresh vegetables. They are competing in the Pepsi Refresh Project. Vote to provide $50,000 of funding to support the delivery of fresh produce for urban dwellers living in a “food desert.”

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Blue Hill Feast

From the Examiner

Blue Hill Tavern in Better Weather - From the Examiner

Blue Hill Tavern is to Brewer’s Hill as 13.5 Wine Bar is to Hampden: “Too fancy” for their respective neighborhoods, home to beer brewers or flour millers spending days inside brick factories and nights at corner bars with neon signs. We doubt that the Nattie Boh-swilling grandmas are racing down the Avenue to belly up to 13.5’s modernist plastic bar stool and order $10 Nomade malbecs. Similarly, the grizzled German immigrant’s son who spend the 60s aging hops for National Bohemian Beer in Brewer’s Hill is not likely to be seen through the transparent cerulean curtains dining at the Blue Hill Tavern on Chateaubriand filet with bearnise sauce for $52.

Yet we would highly recommend it, especially if his yuppie Caton offspring come up to visit with platinum cards at the ready. We think the grandpas of Brewer’s Hill would find the New Old-Fashioned, blended with vanilla-infused bourbon, bitters, and muddle blackberries quite worthy of the historic neighborhood, which is now undergoing a development in which the National and Gunther breweries themselves will become shops and residences. (more…)

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Top Ten Signs of the Snowmageddon

Drug corners went un-manned

Drug corners went unmanned

We are soft, lazy creations of east coast slush-snows. We panic at the sight of an icy dusting. So this past week’s blitzkrieg of blizzards has left us dazed and confused. Per Jean Marbella of the Sun, we’re snow-stupid. We’ve gotten 72.3 inches of snow thus far, and the crazy in us is coming out. Here are ten things we noted that were not at all normal.

10. The only man entering the normally-bustling Charles Street subway station–being that the Metro isn’t running anywhere but Mondawmin Mall–is clad in plastic bags and carrying 15 pounds of pigeon food.

9. Restless people are running for distance on snowy streets. One guy was quoted in the Sun explaining that he left his warm apartment on a “whim” to run 6 miles in 45-mph winds down the middle of Charles Street. Obviously, he was a Hopkins grad student. (more…)

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The New York Times had an interesting article in last Sunday’s Business section about Stuyvesant Town, a housing development near the East Village in Manhattan.  In 2006 a private equity firm purchased the development for a cool $5.4 billion.  That astronomical price was premised on the firm’s ability to hike up rents in order to push out long-time residents that were taking advantage of regulated, rather than market, rates.  According to the Times, this tactic has been utilized by other firms that have purchased rent-regulated apartments in Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx.  (more…)

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Beached in Snow

In case you didn’t look out your window yet, the Baltimore Sun reminds Marylanders to stay home.

We took some photos in our neighborhood, of snow people, whited-out brick mansions and a collective push to shovel out an ambulance from a snowy intersection.

After the jump, photos…


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Snow 3.0

Hold on to your hats

Oh, the weather gods have a treat in store for us. 12-20 inches of an snowy blanket threatens to home-bound us for yet another weekend. But we’re not caving this time. On the docket:

  • Stocking fridge with strong wintry beer like our local Resurrection from the Brewer’s Art.
  • Bread making, maybe Swiss Braided Bread, for old times’ sake. I got a patch in baking from my 4-H club for this bread.
  • Sledding in Fed Hill. On snow, unlike these guys (more…)

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