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POC 09Celebrate… And Have a Good Time. No, really, take a hint from Kool and the Gang, and enjoy this weekend. It’s for all the ladies and gents taking a breather from the back-to-back nuptials of wedding season.

DON’T get tipsy before noon, wear spike heels in grass, smear cake on your face, or freaky dance with your friend’s parents.

DO boogie down with music, outdoor movies and piles and piles of crafts for … free (mostly).

Black Lips: Kick this s**t off with a dance party at Sonar, complete with Spank Rock and Mad Decent’s Popo ($16).

Juneteenth, A Celebration of Freedom: At Fort McHenry, salute the Emancipation Declaration, read in celebration of the Civil War’s defining moment, when Union Soldiers landing in Galveston, Texas were told that slaves were free. Bring your own flag, and umbrella.

Pile of Craft 2009: Forgot to browse the registries before all the good stuff (read: under $150) got took? Eschew Crate n’ Barrel and flock to Red Emma’s church to purchase locally produced functional art, like ceramics, fine art or irrepresible stuffed yarn creatures. If they’re a youngish urban couple they are MUCH better off with stuffed yarn than crystal. (more…)


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Art Marts of Baltimore

Desperate to attempt to avoid Towson Town Center for the holidays (piped in elevator cheer, greasy teryiaki food court samples, chock-a-block scrunchie carts) I have been scouring the City Paper for alternative gift markets.

Last week, we hit the Lyric Opera for the Winter Art Mart , a one-stop gift source if everyone on your Christmas list is a recycled cotton-lunchbag toting, Squidfire tee manequin in a checkered newsboy cap. So yes, I spent every dime I walked in with on DIY Christmas cards and mechanical sketch- covered sketchbooks, and frosted dog biscuits from Love of Dog Bakery. Unfortunately my 8- and 10 year-old cousins that love Polly Pockets won’t appreciate the retro-cool cameras and bicycles the design team Girls Can Tells screenprints onto oven mits and napkins.

So today we headed up to Mount Royal a couple blocks further to Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)’s holiday Art Market. In the striking Brown Center lobby and lowerlevel were tables carefully arrayed with an eclectic mix of styles and mediums: ceremic pots and hand-spun yarn shared space with graffiti-style, stencil-sprayed vinyl records and Tupac-inspired graphic posters by Robert Ferrell. Scrabble letter necklaces by Natalie Jacob were a highlight. Downstairs I discovered LaToya Peoples’ haunting silkscreen print of a boy in front of red brick Baltimore block. Best of all, the market’s ingenius system of tag tickets meant you paid once for everything at the end and then went back to collect your loot, so you didn’t ruffle paintings or bother vendors with making change.

Pre-New Year’s Resolution: to fete friends and family without spending money outside my neighborhood?

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Lyric Opera House hosts art mart


Contemporary Baltimore has been compared to the New York of the 1970s–a raw, dangerous frontier acting as a pockmarked canvas for young artists. This Sunday afternoon, we will forget boarded up housescrossfire and infectious disease to to visit the Lyric Opera House’s annual Winter Art Mart . Organized by the Squidfire clothing design duo, headquartered in Highlandtown (an east Baltimore neighborhood akin to Queens, New York), the art mart will feature visiting artisans from New York and Washington hawking hand-silk screened t-shirts, knit owls, and oven fired jewelry. But most vendors and musicians serenading the shoppers will represent Charm City.

Dangerously Delicious Pies will be hawking their legendary pastries, like Sweet Potato and Mobtown Brown.

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Artscape is Baltimore’s time to show off what we do well, and we’ve darn near perfected this giant performance art piece in its 27th incarnation. 

We excel at drinking excessively in the streets, sporting odd clothing, making cool t-shirts, walking on our hands (see photo below), being creative (read: weird), and partying till the break-a-break-a-dawn–or at least till 10:30, when the raging Diplo set slid to a sweaty, glorious close by Penn Station.

The bohemian fringes of Artscape stretched north to the Charles Theatre

The bohemian fringes of Artscape stretched north to the Charles Theatre

Some other highlights of the festival:

1. Toothfairy pillows (craft goddesses will find any excuse to crochet)

2. Linda Johnson’s sweet etchings on hand-fired pottery

3. Shaking a monkey’s hand for 25 cents.

4. Translucent insta-studios for photography by Kroiz architects. Festival goers were being photographed for a gallery of Artscape’s widely diverse visitors.






5. The Wailers, closing out the weekend with a hill of swaying semi-stoned (on the dully-oppressive heat at the very least) adoration…

6. The unofficial after-party at MICA’s favorite dive bar, the Mount Royal Tavern (MRT, ya heard?). Dogs napped, dreadlocks flew on the dance floor, couples swapped spit, Yuengling flowed from the beer van, the pink sun set and parched festival goers raised $3 plastic cups to Baltimore.

This was the beer garden at MRT. Think plastic seats on cracked concrete.

Beer garden at MRT: think plastic seats on cracked concrete.

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Wow that is one rocking logo

Charm City Craft Mafia

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We Heart Bmore

Why Set up a Block Blog?

…When you live across the street from your friends? Let’s rewind…

I live on a block in Baltimore’s historic Mount Vernon neighborhood. A strip of stone and brick houses once home to the mid-Atlantic’s poshest circles, and now littered with dog poo, drug bags, bumperstickered compact cars, and the occasional discarded printer, the block is home to some seven smart, funny and seriously crafty (but nice) ladies.

While we heart Baltimore, the Ladies residing on Calvert Street’s 900 Block are frequently found far from Faidley’s and Federal Hill (not that we hang out there too much when in Baltimore–Mount Vernon is much cooler).

Hence, the blog.

I’m setting this up so we can chit chat, post photos of where we travel, and let each other know what’s up in Dar es Salaam (Nahyun, till tomorrow) or Delhi (Jess, frequently).

Other purposes:

  • Eating more: Sharing those awesomely spicy chicken curry recipes that Jess and Nahyun make, and not just on Diwali. My curries aren’t always edible.
  • Crafting better: Sharing knitting patterns (like others here) so we can fiddle with something other than martini glasses during this high-tension election season. I suck at knitting.
  • Exploring beyond Iggie’s: Posting our Passports–that’s a mission to explore Charm City, with stamps for Picnic in Patterson Park or oyster’s at Faidley’s–and getting ideas from other Baltimore bloggers in the know. (eating again)
  • Connect Foxy with other blind dogs in Baltimore. Ok maybe not.
  • Give me a mission in Hopkins’s Krieger computer lab besides studying statistics. Yuk!

Maybe you all can think of some better reasons.

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