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Height With FriendsThis video will be screened at Height’s record release party, which is today at the Hexagon in Baltimore’s rip-roaring arts district.

Height With Friends special mega-set featuring Mickey Free, Emily Slaughter, Gavin Riley, Travis Allen, Brendan Richmond, Liz Aeby, Pam Kurowski and Rob Dowler of Nuclear Power Pants.


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Beach House, the Baltimore art house rockers signed to Sub Pop, got even more high profile this weekend when they played their hit Zebra on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

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The arrival of a family member gave us the impetus we needed to venture south on Park to try out a restaurant that we had been chomping at the bit to try for months: El Guapito.  We had seen a few good reviews of the restaurant, including this one in the Sun.  However, our experience was way less than satisfactory (well, for some of us at least), and not only because of the long walk home.  El Guapito is located at 110 West Mulberry, half a block south of the Pratt Library.  While it may be a good spot for lunch, at around 8 on a Saturday, the streets around El Guapito are deserted.  There does not seem to be too much else going on in the 100 block of West Mulberry, besides the beauty salon across the street, which was closed at the time.

Inside, the space is spacious enough and is comfortably homey.  It has the same vibe as the Mekong Delta, another DIY place located a few blocks south of El Guapito that won City Paper’s Best New Restaurant award for 2009.   Guapito had a CD player spinning some Mexican tunes in the second room, which I know only because there was no one to greet us as we entered the restaurant so I had to search for the hostess.  Turns out the hostess is the chef is the server.  Perhaps we caught Guapito on a wrong night, or maybe it is always this way.  I sure hope to give it a second chance because we live in a neighborhood, and city, that is seriously lacking in Mexican restaurant options.  (more…)

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second team of HHS U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps OfficersOn yesterday’s evening news, the local TV news station led with the headline “Missing Students”, an absurd way to segue into a giant humanitarian crisis afflicting the hemisphere’s poorest country (they needed a 7.0 earthquake like you need a hole in the head). The four students from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health are fine, thanks for asking, but, according to the Voice of America and other news agencies publishing front page photos of hopeless looking, bloody and dust-covered people, things aren’t looking so good for those in the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince, where “sheet-draped bodies remain unclaimed, and untold numbers of people are trapped in rubble or missing and feared dead.”

The good news is, Baltimore is taking action on a major scale to help those injured and displaced by the quake. The U.S. Naval Hospital Ship Comfort is being sent south by Saturday with 550 doctors, nurses and technicians, the ship’s largest mission ever. The 184-foot ship under the Southern Command will be configured with 250 beds and some 12 operating rooms. Best of all for a people desperately sucking on condensed milk cans and warm soda, the Comfort can produce about 300,000 gallons of drinking water from ocean water. After leaving the Port of Baltimore, slow-moving ship will take a week to arrive in Haiti, being an older vessel that lived its first life as an oil tanker. (more…)

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The Future

As noted by Ms. Rose E. earlier today, Mayor Dixon’s arrogance continues to baffle observers.  Her refusal to admit error after all else has failed lends credence to the State’s decision to prosecute her for these seemingly minor crimes.  Similarly, her decision to step down, which by the sound of it came with much prodding from those around her, looks like a win for the city of Baltimore in the light of her continued reticence.  If only she had received the same good advice while persistently ignoring conflicts of interest during her tenure on the City Council.   (more…)

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Delta Delta Delta

This blog is on a summer hiatus. We are delta-bound again; back in August.
Happy Artscape Weekend!!!

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Scrooge from Ducktails

Scrooge from Ducktails

Baltimore City Police were watching a guy on Prestman Street in West Baltimore for a while. They figured Mr. Trenell Murphy was dealing, especially when he chucked a trash bag full of coke bags (or some paraphernalia) out the window of his truck. The plucky gumshoes assumed the truck was being used in a crime. But how did they finally make the bust?

The detectives got a lucky break. One recounted his discovery to the City Paper’s Mobtown Beat:

“He [Murphy] told me, ‘I have a spot up the street where I can take you to where there is 40 keys [kilograms] of cocaine’ He accompanied us to the truck and said, ‘It’s in there, it’s in the bed of the truck.’ ”

Duh, isn’t it always in the truck bed?

The “historic” seizure in February is detailed here. The Biggest Bust in History–a stash valued at $2-3 million–was reported in the City Paper:

“After taking Murphy into custody, the detectives searched his black Chevrolet truck parked outside the house and in its bed found “approximately forty (40) wrapped kilogram-sized bricks of suspected cocaine,” the complaint states, which also describes them as being wrapped in newspaper.”

The paper also reported that, “Directly across the street from the house is a flashing Baltimore Police Department blue-light camera, a device meant to serve as an investigative tool and deterrent to crime.”

More importantly, what does 90 pounds of coke look like? Can you build a sandcastle with it? Can you make a fort with those bricks? Do you dive into snowy piles, like on Ducktails?

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