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Lust for Laundromat

The future of Mt. Vernon, so fresh and so clean-clean

The future of Mt. Vernon, so fresh and so clean-clean

In news outside the Election 08 bubble (GASP), I’d like to register a complaint that there are no laundromats in Mt. Vernon.

Along these venerable brownstown blocks, there are Belgian beer bars, socialist coffee shops,  minimalist boites, and carefully curated indie boutiques. A block away from our carriage house on Cathedral is Charles street, with establishments proffering Afghani, Thai (2), Indian (2), Mexican, American (3), Italian and Subway food in one block. We walk our dogs by world-class art museums and nationally recognized mansions-cum-monuments. International Hopkins and Peabody students guzzle coffee at Donna‘s and chow fries at Brewer’s. So why is it that we learned and culturally adventurous city dwellers are left to straggle on with yellowed collars and soiled, stinky socks?

My early Christmas wish? For a wily entrepreneur to snap up some cheap Read Street property (next to the Beanik Barbershop?) and open a freakin’ laundromat, already. What else? Install wi-fi so we don’t have to loiter in the City Cafe all the time–those coffees are expensive, and the laptop docks are competitive (also, the music is way too loud). Oh and speaking of caffeine, a DIY coffee station would only boost the net worth of such an laundry-workstation-meeting place.

Because I don’t mind airing my dirty laundry with the neighbors.


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Baltimore’s Greatness

Big Brown’s less-than-surprising Pimlico race win was preceded by a triumphant photo finish by an illustrious crustacean in the Lexington Market Preakness Crab Derby. Egged on by a water gun and “secret tricks” including melted butter (the irony), a wily brown sea creature scampered across the finish line to shouts and whistles–and as a reward, was set free to live out the rest of her days scuttling along the Chesapeake floor.

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Wow that is one rocking logo

Charm City Craft Mafia

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