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A Sporting Neighborhood

Baltimore Sun nightlife critic (is this a real job?) Sam Sessa writes that what we need is a decent sports bar in Mount Vernon. The post is illustrated with a photo of Grand Central, a sports bar for boys that play for that team.

A flurry of commentary follows Sessa’s post, including someone inquiring if pool tables, at our drag queen hive the Hippo, count… [Several inappropriate jokes follow.]

Sports bars we have few: Mt. Vernon Yacht Club has too many passersby to be a true neighborhood watering hole, Mick O’Shay’s can be ultra crowded, and Dougherty‘s, an excellent sports bar, has the misfortune of finding itself, undoubtedly decades after its founding, on sketchy West Chase opposite a druggie-infested 24 hour Rite Aid.

Mount Vernon, snobby? High end? I would remind this concerned critic that he lives in Baltimore. However, the comment about Mount Vernon’s “Impracticality”carries some weight. What about a decent laundromat? Why does our farmer’s market go away from December to May? Dog park, anyone?

But seriously, what about the fact that the whole hood is about as wide as my fingernail? It puts parameters on an evening stroll, not because we disdain our friends to the northwest in Bolton Hill, but because the shootings on the Baltimore Sun’s Murder Map start just east and west of Calvert and Cathedral, respectively.


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In her quest to convince the Miller Brewing Company in North Carolina that Charm City needs access to Natty Boh by the keg, Miss Sarah of North Collington Street (another lovely Baltimore block) has been conducting rigorous research about Baltimore’s favorite beer.

One-eyed Boh Man

One-eyed Boh Man

We’ve learned that the National Brewing Company began brewing this “Bohemian” style beer in 1885. The pale Pilsner-style beer, a style which originated in what is now Czech Republic terrain, was the official beer of Baltimore in the 1960s, served at the Memorial Stadium that hosted ball games at 33rd street.

In the 1950s, Natty Boh’s makers began touting the beer’s Chesepeake origins, labeling it as being of the “Land of Pleasant Living” (obviously, this was before Dundalk). The well-mustached Boh Man was introduced after prohibition, and has been a recognizable mascot of our favorite hops–and of Baltimore, for its close linkage–since the 1960s. These old TV adverts show that our city had a sense of screwy, off-kilter humor even then.

Natty Boh, now distributed by Pabst, is apparently so cheap it doesn’t pay to sell it by the keg. Miss Sarah is on a mission to change this. Why the push now, after the housewarming bash on North Collington (the keg was PBR)? “It would be perfect for weddings and graduations,” she reasoned in a g-chat. She’s planning a two-year campaign that could yield a seriously celebratory scene: newly minted diploma tucked under arm, tapping a 15-gallon metal canister of frothy golden hops.

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Baltimore’s Greatness II

Nattie Bo, Baltimore Colts sponsor, circa 1958.

Oh boy, what a beer.

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Drink more

Nahyun remembers it’s February 29 tomorrow, a rare day not to be escaped without a rare drinking binge.

Jess reminded me last night of this opportune day to celebrate something from nothing! As you all know, Leap Year only comes around once every four years, and we can’t let this day go by without commemorating it in Calvert Block style.

It’s probably too late to make Leap Year costumes or hats or stockings, so I propose we go out down by Inner Harbor/Power Plant (Anna’s favorite joint) and celebrate by reverting back to Nahyun’s first year at JHSPH… and drink 29 beers… amongst all of us. (Paul, I know this might be hard for you to do, but maybe you can be our scorekeeper?)

Radha responds, revealing serious math problem solving cred and a gritty determination to leverage our collective skill set for best drinking practices: (more…)

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