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Baltimore, the City that Reads

Here on the changeable banks of Baltimore harbor we tire quickly of alternative monikers.

In 1812, we lived in Mobtown. More recently, we’ve been dubbed Crabtown, Queen of the Patapsco, and Nickel Town (Nikel Bag Town?). A 1975 ad writer coined for us the marvelously subjective nickname “Charm City.”

Speaking subjectively, now-governor Martin O’Malley declared us the “The Greatest City in America” when he became mayor.

In 2002, we declared we would thenceforth “BELIEVE” in Baltimore. Like, if you squint your eyes, you can believe those guys on the corner are slinging lemonade.

Many park benches are emblazoned with another motto of yesterday, “The City That Reads.” More like “The City that Breeds,” some snicker, for the out-of-wedlock pregnancy rate (hence our ubiqitous billboards for DNA Testing, reading “WHO’S THE DADDY?”). Others suggest the the motto could be “The City That Bleeds.”

But I digress! This weekend, we will read in Baltimore! The annual Baltimore Book Festival is nigh upon us and more than 200 authors will talk about reading Friday through Sunday evening.


  1. Guys barbecuing, free McCormick, and $1 beers (this attraction may not relate much to reading)
  2. Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, Standing Up to the Madness
  3. The Radical Book Tent… Guys, I gotta say I love Barnes n’ Noble
  4. Maria, from Sesame Street… Really, is this woman still on TV?
  5. Literary Walking Tour of Mt. Vernon… Featuring not only predictable Poe, but tales of Tupac Shakur, who at one point was not feeling the California Love

Truthfully, a couple of us Mt. Vernon locals will spend half the book festival weekend in the city that doesn’t stop Blackberry-ing to read (apart from Page Six) but after that we will put on our literary hats with the best of them.


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Lost loves

Maybe you’ve seen the PostSecret exhibit at the Visionary Arts Museum?  Well, this kid in Georgia is doing something kind of similar, with love letters.  It’s called The Love Letter Experiment and you can send him love letters you wrote but never ended up sending, and he’s compiling them into a book.  OK, OK, so he’s profiting off of your heartfelt missives…but I think I’d want to see that book!  Anyways, if any of you want to express that special something to that special someone, here’s your chance to do it out loud, to the world!

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