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Drink more

Nahyun remembers it’s February 29 tomorrow, a rare day not to be escaped without a rare drinking binge.

Jess reminded me last night of this opportune day to celebrate something from nothing! As you all know, Leap Year only comes around once every four years, and we can’t let this day go by without commemorating it in Calvert Block style.

It’s probably too late to make Leap Year costumes or hats or stockings, so I propose we go out down by Inner Harbor/Power Plant (Anna’s favorite joint) and celebrate by reverting back to Nahyun’s first year at JHSPH… and drink 29 beers… amongst all of us. (Paul, I know this might be hard for you to do, but maybe you can be our scorekeeper?)

Radha responds, revealing serious math problem solving cred and a gritty determination to leverage our collective skill set for best drinking practices: (more…)


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