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Lovely SJP loves Baltimore

Lovely SJP loves Baltimore

Utterly obsessed with election news, I missed the teeny headlines in Baltimore papers of late about the HBO pilot produced by Sarah Jessica Parker, filming here for six days. Like producers for My One and Only, which filmed here in July, SJP apparently finds location fees here irresistibly low. 

The Washingtonienne, based on the blog-cum-book about a capital hill aid living in a buttoned-up city that er, she unbuttons by night. Anyway, the point is that SJP was looking for extras for the new show! Ladies of Calvert Street, it seems that we missed our chance! According to the Baltimore Sun,

“Filming is expected to require the use of between 700 and 900 extras, in both speaking and nonspeaking roles. Anyone interested should send a recent photo, along with their name, phone number and any union affiliation”

Way to advertise on behalf of the filmmakers, Balt-Sun! I sure hope they found their sea of shining faces to stand in the rain for 12 hours in our charming city, a proxy for un-charming Washington(ienne). 

The point is, of course, to catch a glimpse of the pint-sized fashion icon in her huge sunglasses and tell her how much you love Carrie from SITC.

But get this? She loves us too.

“Baltimore is a great city … It’s beautiful, and it has some terrific architecture … [and] all that kind of Eastern Seaboard food”, she told the Baltimore Sun. Even better? She knows a value when she sees it. “It’s a city that’s affordable,” she said. I guess compared to the West Village, where she lives with hubby Ferris Bueller Matthew Broderick, Baltimore is friggin’ Guatemala-cheap. And just as dangerous (maybe I mean El Salvador… ?)

Anyway, my point is that if I got to hang with SJP in our fab, uber-cheap city we’d go vintage dress shopping on the Avenue in Hampden, get hipster tees at Squidfire, then scout the scruffy tattooed passersby on the water in Fell’s for fashion inspiration. Then maybe we’d wash down the scrumptious scallops at Johns Stevens with hearty local Clipper City ale. [Cosmos? Banish the thought.] OMG, we’d totally be BFFs.


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Tiny Fey as Palin

Everyone already saw this SNL skit, but it’s too great to let it pass without a mention.

Here you have it–Tiny Fey as Sarah Palin in Tina Fey glasses, posing at a podium next to Amy Poehler, holding court as Hillary in a pants suit. In her swan-song season, no less.

The comedic dream team somehow sucked the bitterness out of a heretofore conceptual Hillary-Sarah throwdown. Here in Baltimore, this is refreshing. As undoubtedly in other blue-state-country, one doesn’t hear of the dreaded Sarah from Alaska without an ironic quote and a groan.

“I told them THANKS BUT NO THANKS!” 

“The pipeline is GOD’S WILL!”. The war in Iraq is a “task from God!”

As so forth, with much eye rolling.

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Charm City Celebrity Status

Grunting away on the elliptical at Baltimore’s Downtown Athletic Center, I realized the spandex-clad guy next to me, preoccupied issuing mumbled curses at the TVs after Ravens’ fumbles, was Governor Martin O’Malley.

Honorable Governor of Maryland, Martin O'Malley

Honorable Gov. Martin O'Malley

This is my second O’Malley sighting at the flagship Merritt Athletic Club, where he apparently worked out daily as city mayor. Now based in Annapolis, his weekend workouts seem timed when he figures normal people have better things to do than hang out in a grimy gym (the first time I saw him it was Superbowl Sunday).

As I pedeled away, I imagined what I would tell our toiling public servent (he was on that machine for a while). I would implore him to help blaze a carbon-free energy future for Maryland, build bike lanes, and start a blind dog trust. Luckily for him, before I summoned the courage to interrupt his blithe Sunday afternoon workout, he skipped out to his hybrid Tahoe SUV–he sits in the back behind seriously dark tinted windows.

Which made me wonder… Why do famous people drive 6000-pound SUVs boosted on 20-inch wheels? This characterizes successful drug dealers, actors, sports stars; the jacked-SUV is also common around Capitol Hill. Is it an attempt to match their supersized egos? Or do they like other citizens fear red light runners–a numerous species in Baltimore–will ram them flat?

Either way, it might be interesting to inaugurate a Gawker Stalker-type tracking map for Charm City celebs, Tahoe or no. Top 5 on my map:

1. Governor O’Malley (where does his band practice?)

2. Duff Goldman (does he eat at Cake Love?)

3. Kima Greggs (aka Sonja Sohn, does she still do grocery shopping in Mt. Washington, as reported by an anonymous source)

4. Sheila Dixon — What’s her latest pricey shoe purchase?

5. Michael Phelps: Once he settles in Fell’s, ladies will be inquiring where this very eligible Baltimore bachelor spends his time (/money)

6. Foxy Brown, “dog on the town.” Track the lamp posts she bumps into as this blind doppelganger for a rapid, spaced out fox trawls the town.

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