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Juno Safe Sex Video

As if I didn’t already love this movie and its quirky cast to pieces–big props to ballsy Diablo Cody, the copy editor-cum-stripper-cum-blogger, now an Oscar-winning screenwriter, I stumbled upon this safe sex cartoon on YouTube. I want to post it on the INFO Project Blog, but the giant title, “WRAP YOUR JUNK,” may not be appropriate. The catchy tune is reminiscent of Juno’s winningly folksy soundtrack.

I don’t know what organization or lone genius made this clip, but word up to them for stating the obvious that if you don’t want your girlfriend to be a “big whale” you might want to wrap it, man.


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Survey MonkeyPopulation Reports authors want to hear from you. Which important research findings have not yet had an effect on family planning practice? Rock this vote.

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