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Hammer Time in Baltimore

Maybe it’s pent-up election fervor–or my inner Fly Girl.

See, recently, I had to break it down a little bit for some peeps who didn’t grow up in MoCo. Key Middle School and Springbrook, you didn’t gradu-ma-cate without memorizing the hopping and skipping and jabbing of early 90s rap moves.

What brought this on? At an otherwise classy affair this past weekend, someone cranked up the M.C. Hammer classic Can’t Touch This on the iPod dock. Son, when I started to break it down, they sure enough could not touch this.

My new re-obsession (quarter life crisis much)? Perfecting the Roger Rabbit and the floor slide. Cause I seem to have busted my shoulder attemping as much.

The Running Man? I got that.

My new party attire: spandex bike shorts, wrist bands, gold chains. And I’m bringing the TUDE.


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Concept choreography

So, when Jess comes up with her Calvert Block concept album, can we also come up with an accompanying set of concept choreography?  I was thinking something like this would be cool.  Maybe we would paint Calvert down someones arm and another person would have -itcal on one hand with “is” on the other.  Watch the video and that will make sense.  Oh, but I guess it means Jess will have to write us a song about how Calvert is vertical.  Not as catchy as “you gotta be here,” but I have confidence she could make it work. 

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