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This is what CultureGraph does with Pearl Jam


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Data and lyrics

Data and Lyrics

Forget music and lyrics…I want something visual to represent my listening selections.  Enter CultureGraph.  Who is Billie Jean?  Is she NOT my lover…just a girl?  Well then, according to the flowchart, she’s also someone who says that I am the one.     

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They know who we are!

Bohemian Mixologist

At work, I heard about Claritas.  They supply the US government with audience segmentation info on the US population, broken down by zip code.  According to their PRIZM NE segmentation system, we of the Calvert Block are most likely to be part of the “Bohemian Mix” pictured above.  We are a collection of liberal, mobile, early-adopter urbanites who rent space in funky rowhouses and apartments, eat at Bertucci’s, watch the Style Channel and drive Mini Coopers.  You can read more about us and look up other zip codes on the MyBestSegments website.  Just click on the right hand button “Zip Code Lookup” in the blue box for USA Today readers.  (Lucky I was told about this site- according to PRIZM I’m most likely to read the New York Magazine…and I don’t think they featured Claritas anytime recently). 

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