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Charming City T-shirts

The man on the t-shirt seems to be punching me...

Your t-shirt is punching me

This blue Sharp Shirter t-shirt was, er, a hit at a weekend luau we attended in Bethesda… I was dressed appropriately in a faux lei and flowery shirt (albeit in gloomy black-and-white) but for others, this new acquisition from a booth at Artscape was too tempting to leave in a drawer. Sharp Shirter owner/designer Dan Lachman, a Wesleyan grad living in Bethesda (spiritually of Charm City), also sold us this Sucker shirt featuring a mosquito (Radhar, I thought of you).

We all like to sport a bit o’ Baltimore when we get the chance (aside from the ubiquitous Nattie Boh ‘stache)… Me, I’m going to spend the weekend hitching up some rather tight lilac trousers by Dittos (they zip at the bottom), also purchased at Artscape from the owner of Love Allie Boutique, a new Federal Hill boutique. Maybe I’ll wear them with my sweet veggie-themed Squidfire tee snagged at a their holiday gift fair at Lyric Opera House.

Sidebar: I was going to end the post with a shout out to oddball design squad at Daydream Silkscreen–check out Eliza Hartley’s Horney Knitters T-shirt–but as it turns out, although they are always selling at Baltimore events, they evidentially reside in Brooklyn. Talk about suckers–dudes, your rent would be like 200% cheaper here.


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I Vote for Fuzzy T-shirts

Anna and I made these rocking t-shirts in honor of our voter registration drive at Artscape this weekend. We are on the lookout for youngsters not registered, and oldsters with changed names and addresses–and any sleepy-eyed people just waking up to the need to rock the vote big time in 2008. (If you match any of the descriptions above, click here to read up on how to register in Maryland.)

Now our voter registration coordinator says we have to wear white t-shirts instead to match the team. Is this the land of the free, and home of the brave?

How could you refuse this tee?

How could you refuse this tee?

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Retro Tees Doing Good

Two impulses divide me. There’s the style bug that compells me to buy stuff, cute stuff, like an 80s-violet Marc by Marc Jacobs t-shirts, and a pair of distressed jeans that look like hand-me-downs but cost $319.

Then there’s the internal admonisher saying those three Benjamins will do a lot more good in the hands of researchers working on the next life-saving vaccine, or with orphan children playing in Thai dumps (CNN’s weekend issue of global health news coverage).

Today’s email from DailyCandy DC email rescued me from this dilemma. Give and Take tees, designed by Shea Mullen, features authentically retro designs on t-shirts with the proceeds going to the charities featured. (Mullen also runs a cupcake shop in Pittsburg. Coincidence? We think not).

She dug up 1980s fundraiser campaigns for the American Lung Association, Epilespy Foundation of America, and a Milwaukee, Wisconsin car wash for MS. Said logos translate exceedingly well onto shrunken retro-style t-shirts.

I haven’t been this excited about battered tees since the mid 90s when we used to fleece the little boys’ aisle in Lauren Village Thrift Store on a weekly basis.

Give and Take tees are available for $50 from the American Jean Company.

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Techy teePeople wear their heart on their sleeve, so why not wear our block?  I was reading a TrendWatch brief about companies using their customers to create “status stories” and saw this new Dutch fashion company is making techy t-shirts.  You point your phone at this logo on the shirt and it opens up a site on your phone using the phone’s web browser.  When you order the shirt, you register the logo and site, to make them connect.  So, we have a block jingle.  But now we need a block logo (dog poop on a shoe?).  Then we can get shirts that connect to the block blog through the block logo and your cell, so that when the blog opens, it automatically starts to play the jingle!!  By the by, there’s a whole lot of cool products I hadn’t heard about (mostly from Europe) in this TrendWatch brief, and there’s also a feature for the Knitting Grannies!    

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