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Baltimore Block Blog Stats

Just like we all used to competitively monitor our myspace visitor count, pre-Facebook addiction, vanity leads us to glance every now and then at the Baltimore Block visitor stats helpfully provided by WordPress. The stats also show how visitors found your blog–by google or referring sites that blogroll or link to you in posts (thanks, streetscene.wordpress.com).

The vaguely unsettling part is not the most popular posts are “Stamp Out Poop” and “Juno Safe Sex Video” but that people actually search, every day, for “poop” and “dog poop”, and click on our block blog to get MORE POOP.

Other popular search terms that lead one to A Baltimore Block blog?

  1. “Wizard of oz flying monkey” (did I write about this?)
  2. “Recent abba”
  3. “Cutest animal story ever” (I did not write about this)
  4. “Pearl Jam”
  5. “Poop” (it never gets old)

What is it that people are looking for when they ask Google, find me poop. ER … Do I really want to know?


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India Blogs

One of the most fun winter weekends I spent this year was inside a North Carolina biotech facility [cue geeky snort]. The Science Blogging conference in Research Triangle Park was one of those rare meetings-of-minds where you shovel in ideas faster than the barbecue chicken served at dinner. Participants were either bloggers, researchers, journalists, or advocates, and I (like many people) benefited hugely as a hybrid of all four categories.

Today on Global Voices Online I read a synopsis by Amit Gupta of a similar meeting in New Delhi, an inaugural BlogCamporganized by the Indian Blog and New Media Society and sponsored by Microsoft India. This camp is part of a network of “user-generated conferences” (more often called Un-conferences) focusing on new web applications, open-source technology and other second generation web tools.

Organizers invited bloggers to bring laptops, ideas, and free accounts “for that new app you just launched.” Like the organizers of Science Blogging ’08, they created a conference wiki for the community to update.

Abhishek Kent from Microsoft India presented on Corporate Blogging Strategy (I could have benefited from this talk at my last gig) and others talked about Open Access, marketing blogs, Twitter, and Search Engine Optimization.

Those attending marveled that most people didn’t skip sessions, amazing considering even Bollywood films don’t keep audiences in their seat.

Clearly, the topic has weight. On the subject of Bollywood, recent celebrity news has focused on superstars who blog, witness cricket-blogger Shah Rukh Khan, “Big B” Amitabh Bachchan, and the “Bollywood bad boy” Salman Khan.

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Find yourself

I got this fun link from a co-worker: http://dna.imagini.net/friends.  You answer questions with visual media, and then it tells you what kind of person you are.  I think mine was pretty spot-on.  And you can also do similar ones where you answer questions about what you wish for, or what love is to find out more about your “type.”  Then, like facebook, you can find people and I guess you could use your visual profiles to help you narrow down to get to know they type of people your profile thinks you’d click with.  It’s pretty cool, and definitely a fun passtime. 

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This is what CultureGraph does with Pearl Jam

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Data and lyrics

Data and Lyrics

Forget music and lyrics…I want something visual to represent my listening selections.  Enter CultureGraph.  Who is Billie Jean?  Is she NOT my lover…just a girl?  Well then, according to the flowchart, she’s also someone who says that I am the one.     

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They know who we are!

Bohemian Mixologist

At work, I heard about Claritas.  They supply the US government with audience segmentation info on the US population, broken down by zip code.  According to their PRIZM NE segmentation system, we of the Calvert Block are most likely to be part of the “Bohemian Mix” pictured above.  We are a collection of liberal, mobile, early-adopter urbanites who rent space in funky rowhouses and apartments, eat at Bertucci’s, watch the Style Channel and drive Mini Coopers.  You can read more about us and look up other zip codes on the MyBestSegments website.  Just click on the right hand button “Zip Code Lookup” in the blue box for USA Today readers.  (Lucky I was told about this site- according to PRIZM I’m most likely to read the New York Magazine…and I don’t think they featured Claritas anytime recently). 

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Words from the beyond

Anyone doing something particularly dangerous sometime soon?  You can set up an email to go out to the rest of us, just in case you die.  Maybe you’re worried about your west coast hamburger tour turning into a salmonella-fest.  Maybe you fear the sharks lurking in Hawaii’s inviting waters.  Perhaps you stay up at night fearing the moment your sweet, blind dog will turn into a canivorous canine, living up to her name.  Rest easier- there’s a site for you.  Using Just In Case I Die, you can set up an auto-email that goes out if you do not log into their site in time to switch it off (because you are dead and therefore can not log in).  Now, in your passage to the unknown, you can ensure your secret knowledge of what really goes on at Dulkerian Rugs will be sent out to the people who need to know, but can’t know too soon. 

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