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Lovely SJP loves Baltimore

Lovely SJP loves Baltimore

Utterly obsessed with election news, I missed the teeny headlines in Baltimore papers of late about the HBO pilot produced by Sarah Jessica Parker, filming here for six days. Like producers for My One and Only, which filmed here in July, SJP apparently finds location fees here irresistibly low. 

The Washingtonienne, based on the blog-cum-book about a capital hill aid living in a buttoned-up city that er, she unbuttons by night. Anyway, the point is that SJP was looking for extras for the new show! Ladies of Calvert Street, it seems that we missed our chance! According to the Baltimore Sun,

“Filming is expected to require the use of between 700 and 900 extras, in both speaking and nonspeaking roles. Anyone interested should send a recent photo, along with their name, phone number and any union affiliation”

Way to advertise on behalf of the filmmakers, Balt-Sun! I sure hope they found their sea of shining faces to stand in the rain for 12 hours in our charming city, a proxy for un-charming Washington(ienne). 

The point is, of course, to catch a glimpse of the pint-sized fashion icon in her huge sunglasses and tell her how much you love Carrie from SITC.

But get this? She loves us too.

“Baltimore is a great city … It’s beautiful, and it has some terrific architecture … [and] all that kind of Eastern Seaboard food”, she told the Baltimore Sun. Even better? She knows a value when she sees it. “It’s a city that’s affordable,” she said. I guess compared to the West Village, where she lives with hubby Ferris Bueller Matthew Broderick, Baltimore is friggin’ Guatemala-cheap. And just as dangerous (maybe I mean El Salvador… ?)

Anyway, my point is that if I got to hang with SJP in our fab, uber-cheap city we’d go vintage dress shopping on the Avenue in Hampden, get hipster tees at Squidfire, then scout the scruffy tattooed passersby on the water in Fell’s for fashion inspiration. Then maybe we’d wash down the scrumptious scallops at Johns Stevens with hearty local Clipper City ale. [Cosmos? Banish the thought.] OMG, we’d totally be BFFs.


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My One and Only New Neighbors

He almost replaced Bob Barker on the Price is Right.

George Hamilton nearly replaced Bob Barker on the Price is Right.

Not that I normally park on Read Street, but I’m having beef with the fat cat trailers crowding our Baltimore Block environs. For weeks, they’ve been parked up and down the set of the George Hamilton biopic “My One and Only,” which apparently stars Renee Zellwegger (sighted in Towson’s own Target!) as Hamilton’s man-hunting mom, Anne Deveraux. According to Variety, which reports that Kevin Bacon’s ne’re-do-well character prompts what Forbes calls her “quixotic search“, the “eccentric and glamorous” mom drives down the east coast on the prowl. Sez the Baltimore Sun’s Chris Kaltenbach, the road trip movie takes the family through New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Pittsburgh and Kansas City. Thanks to Charm City’s old brick buildings and desperation-fueled tax incentives, various Baltimore locations are apparently standing in for said cities, so film will be rolling here for nearly all of the 38-day shoot.

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Video in the works

I heard about this interesting short film that a grad student at USC is producing as his thesis project.  It’s called Andheri and is based on the real-life events on a single day in the life of a Mumbai housemaid.   The grad student just got a grant to continue film-making, so it’s still in the production process.  I think it’ll be really good when it’s done.  There’s a short video to introduce the concept on his website:

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Juno Safe Sex Video

As if I didn’t already love this movie and its quirky cast to pieces–big props to ballsy Diablo Cody, the copy editor-cum-stripper-cum-blogger, now an Oscar-winning screenwriter, I stumbled upon this safe sex cartoon on YouTube. I want to post it on the INFO Project Blog, but the giant title, “WRAP YOUR JUNK,” may not be appropriate. The catchy tune is reminiscent of Juno’s winningly folksy soundtrack.

I don’t know what organization or lone genius made this clip, but word up to them for stating the obvious that if you don’t want your girlfriend to be a “big whale” you might want to wrap it, man.

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