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Life dreams fulfilled

Bull vs. Rider

This past weekend, something amazing happened.  People rode angry bulls in downtown Baltimore.  And a few of us lucky block ladies had the opportunity to watch.  For me, this was a life-defining moment.  I had to work on my consultancy, and for that reason I was going to miss a possibly once-in-a-lifetime chance of seeing professional bull riders live and in-person.  I thought to myself: do I really want to miss out on my dreams because I have to work?  Do I want a life dominated by my career?  Is that a life at all?!  I need to make a change!  And that change was PBR.  Picture courteousy of block minstrel, J. Shearer. 


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Passport pretzels

I just read about this place where they have top-your-own-soft-pretzel-tuesdays and I think I need to try it.  Passport pretzel, anyone?

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