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Amazing riff on Monopoly about Speculation in Central Baltimore by a student called Cary at MICA

Artscape was the usual blur of thousands of sweaty strangers moving like a sticky stream of molasses up and down sun-baked streets. People drank giant strawberry daiquiris out of foot-long plastic cups a la Senior Frogs, expensive iced lemonade, or milk from sippy cups, in the case of the babies (babies love Artscape). Oozing rather than easing down the road were fashion-forward teens, “art cars” freaks, adorable independent artists hawking irresistibly cool knick knacks, and fearless mohawked boys biking against all odds through this mess of humanity.

We have posted photos below of the crowd which was eclectic and peace-loving. It was a great weekend for Baltimore.

One neat addition to the festival this year was a kind of trade fair in the garage opposite the Charles Theatre, featuring community projects like a Center for a Livable Future-affiliated food dessert study and a mural project inspired by the history of Baltimore.  Also in the garage was a table of artwork exploring current events.

“Baltimore is still a frontier,” said a MICA graduate showing off her contribution to Artscape, a jigsaw puzzle depicting Baltimore, its pieces composed of neighborhoods and parks. She described what it was like to spend four years in a city changing rapidly. The “Central Baltimore Game of Speculation”, created by another MICA grad named Cary, was inspired by the wildly fluxuating rent and real estate climate around Baltimore, specifically near MICA.

“We were told to never set foot on North Avenue when I arrived as a freshman even at midday” she said behind thick black-rimmed glasses. “This year at orientation, they told them that’s where they should go at night to hang out.” The speculators have pounced on local real estate, raising rents, but buildings still loom abandoned and gutted along the Avenue.

Parasols were essential companions to ward off the torrid summer sun



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Plotting an Artscape Frenzy

new album from Nickodemus

new album from Nickodemus

The 2009 installment of Artscape is coming up this weekend. At America’s Largest Public Arts Festival, there’s a little something for everyone (and we mean it, everyone and your mom will be there, all sweaty and eating funnel cakes).

We can’t wait to get Going the Distance with Cake,  Say A Little Prayer (or even better, have psychic readings) with Dionne Warwick, scope a 10-person bike ride with the New Shanghai Circus (coming to us live from Branson, Missouri), and jam with Robert Randolph’s family band.

And our homie Nickodemus is taking a hiatus from his usual gig with Turntables on the Hudson at New York’s always sizzling Water Taxi Beach to get Artscape’s afternoon crowd bumping from the Main Stage on Sunday.

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The Art of the Party

Speaking of great Baltimore art, or Baltimore-based art in the case of Mr. Franz West’s BMA exhibit, my favorite new artist… is not responsible for the Christmas tree hued snapshot below taken at Sonar last week (that’s all me). I’m giving it up for another shutterbug visibly wowed at the Diplo show.

Flashing Lights at the Diplo show

Flashing Lights at the Diplo show

Local photographer Josh Sisk took some sick shots of the manic Taxlo/Mad Decent party starring wonder boy DJ Diplo, a towhead grown-Dennis the Mennis lookalike who gets crowds from Houston burbs to Zulu townships bouncing. Local rapper Blaqstarr introduced Baltimore’s own mini club diva Rye Rye–“Mini” because not old enough to drink, she had black Xs slashed across her hands and a huge grin across her face. MIA has apparently adopted her (+signed her to Interscope) after discovering her “making popcorn” in Blaqstarr’s house. They have remixed Tic Toc by Busy Signal.

Josh Sisk’s photos are swirly-ecstastic slices of time–the crowd’s fervor spills into the hot, wet air, wildly tinged pink, green and blue. I think he leaves the shutter open to get the movement (and the vibe, ya heard?), then snaps a flash to freeze the frame. It’s pretty-dreamy.

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Block Women for Change?

My daily email from Jon Carson is asking me to join in a Unite for Change house meeting near me, this Saturday, June 28. He linked to a video dispatch from Sr. Obama explaining that we can help them turn out independents, and even those voted for an alternate Democratic candidate in the primaries. Carson, the National Field Director for Obama for America, invited me to browse through Change We Believe in to see which of 3000 national events are in my area. Well, there are 424–no, 531 (the count just went up, I swear)–events within 100 miles of 21202, including phone banking, fundraising and house parties. And you can host your own event, for example, a Women for Obama House Party. How cool would that be? An excuse to barbecue again? A slip and slide block party? Or we could have a strategy-filled Obama-tea party.

Update: The Patapsco River Power Squadron thought of this idea first. They are having a “Politics, Women and Tea: The Perfect Blend” fundraising summit in Riviera Beach, Maryland. If I knew where that was I might crash.

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Justice to be Served at Sonar

Dubbed the new Daft Punk, the French duo Justice have made an undeniably infectious single called D.A.N.C.E. Peep the video–it’s fun, although the cool cats with morphing t-shirts are not actually dancing.

I am planning to see them March 2 at Sonar. It’s my birthday, so I’m allowed to go out and party on a Sunday.

Update: Just kidding, March 9 is the Baltimore’s stop of the MySpace Music Tour with Justice. My birthday partying privileges are hereby extended.

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