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Trekkies Unite

Earth Treks Four Story Wall

Yesterday I went climbing at Earth Trek. The 40 foot vertical (and sometimes concave where you climb underneath a faux-rock) wall was intimidating but stratified with colored tape for each level of climb–from 5.5 “Cake” to 5.11a “Smooth like Butter”–totally fun. I fell a couple times–you sway back and forth on your harness reviewing where your toe slipped out from some minuscule crevice–but most of the time I passed the time between climbs gawking at other climbers who were leaping here and there, like monkeys. It’s a total cult, where the members are predominantly ripped, tattooed and outdoorsy men. Who wants to take the intro climbing class with me?

You learn the basics, and most importantly, how to belay your climbing partners–support them during their climbs and hoist them down with the help of a strong pulley at the top of the wall. It’s $35 for three hours. Oh, my birthday is coming up soon. Pretty please?


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Artsy fartsy

I think I’m going to this art show launch thing next Thursday at Tsunami…free food and drinks with a suggested donation (so not totallly free afterall). 

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Passport pretzels

I just read about this place where they have top-your-own-soft-pretzel-tuesdays and I think I need to try it.  Passport pretzel, anyone?

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