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Top Ten Signs of the Snowmageddon

Drug corners went un-manned

Drug corners went unmanned

We are soft, lazy creations of east coast slush-snows. We panic at the sight of an icy dusting. So this past week’s blitzkrieg of blizzards has left us dazed and confused. Per Jean Marbella of the Sun, we’re snow-stupid. We’ve gotten 72.3 inches of snow thus far, and the crazy in us is coming out. Here are ten things we noted that were not at all normal.

10. The only man entering the normally-bustling Charles Street subway station–being that the Metro isn’t running anywhere but Mondawmin Mall–is clad in plastic bags and carrying 15 pounds of pigeon food.

9. Restless people are running for distance on snowy streets. One guy was quoted in the Sun explaining that he left his warm apartment on a “whim” to run 6 miles in 45-mph winds down the middle of Charles Street. Obviously, he was a Hopkins grad student. (more…)


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Beached in Snow

In case you didn’t look out your window yet, the Baltimore Sun reminds Marylanders to stay home.

We took some photos in our neighborhood, of snow people, whited-out brick mansions and a collective push to shovel out an ambulance from a snowy intersection.

After the jump, photos…


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Snow 3.0

Hold on to your hats

Oh, the weather gods have a treat in store for us. 12-20 inches of an snowy blanket threatens to home-bound us for yet another weekend. But we’re not caving this time. On the docket:

  • Stocking fridge with strong wintry beer like our local Resurrection from the Brewer’s Art.
  • Bread making, maybe Swiss Braided Bread, for old times’ sake. I got a patch in baking from my 4-H club for this bread.
  • Sledding in Fed Hill. On snow, unlike these guys (more…)

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Warm it up, Chris

It’s 22 degrees outside. The Weather Channel says tomorrow’s high will be 27. Need a remedy?

1. Cafe Mocha at Zachi’s on Read Street. Proprietor Hoda’s meticulously-prepared coffee drinks–sprinkled with shavings of dark chocolate–are worth the wait, during which you could check your email with their free wi-fi. Her creamy, cinnamon-speckled rice pudding makes an excellent accompaniment.

2. Gingerbread latte at Metropolitan Coffeehouse and Wine Bar.  Spiked with Hiram Walker liqueur, this frothy beverage will make you forget a certain ubiquitous coffee chain proffers a simulacrum of this beverage. (Thanks to Baltimore Sun nightlife writer Sam Sessa for this tip).

3. Irish Coffee at Jay’s on Read Street. This old fashioned piano bar is a rare treat for the ladies, as silver-haired gay couples give you a gentlemanly nod, then leave you alone.

4. Rum Toddy at Woodberry Kitchen. When the honeyed, orange-clove spiced rum hits your belly you won’t care that it costs $10. This comfort drink may also take the edge off your $170 bill.

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Arabbers per Maryland Historical Society

Arabbers per Maryland Historical Society

The sun may emerge Thursday, so the weatherman says. The new issue of Urbanite offers  a few reasons he should show up for the weekend(s):

1. Sundays 9am-3pm, Arabbers sell produce from local farms in Legends Park at Fremont Avenue and Laurens Street. These wooden wagon-toting sellers are an endangered species.

2. Live Baltimore’s Buying into Baltimore event, May 9, 9am-2pm: take a tour through west Baltimore, tour homes and get a $3000 down payment grant if you buy. Taser not included.

3. Frosted Crab soup at the Hopkins Club or Maryland Club. In nice weather the crowd roars from the second floor’s open-air restaurant. We have no means of access, but this Old Bay-flavored cold tomato soup is insanely popular with those who know the secret handshake. (Reputedly, strawberry and cayenne-flavored squash soup is on offer at the posh Engineer’s Club, by the Mt. Vernon fountain)

4. Baltimore Herb Festival in Leakin Park on May 23. Ride a “wee steam train” and sample Bay Laurel, which sounds like a love child or a sturdy thoroughbred mare.

5. Free literary walking tour of Mt. Vernon including homes of Gertrude Stein, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Tupac on May 9

6. Sidestep rat traps, sludge puddles and a rust-coated grill to plant herbs in moldy, cracking pots scattered about the Carriage House courtyard… Oh yeah, the Urbanite‘s Hidden City issue totally missed this gem of a weekend activity (ranked with cleaning the rain-splattered grime off our windows).

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Kinetic Mud Bath

Amorphous pink rabbit? Pic from the New Glitterati.

Amorphous pink cat? Pic from the New Glitterati.

I was going to post about the god-awful rain streak we’ve been slogging through during this lemon of a weekend (natch, from the weather report it will rain through Saturday). But as we’ll see, some people take crap weather and make mud lemonade.

The New Glitterati posts photos of a brave young gal who struggled through muddy Patterson Park in the annual Kinetic Sculpture Race’s finale.

What is the Kinetic Sculpture Race? From the official Bmore site, “Kinetic Sculptures are amphibious, human powered works of art custom built for the race. Each May, the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM) hosts the East Coast Kinetic Sculpture Race Championship on the shore of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor in central Maryland. The eight-hour race covers 15 miles—mostly on pavement, but also including a trip into the Chesapeake Bay and through mud and sand.” This year’s vehicular themes included were golf carts, covered wagons and pink tutus.

While stepping on each other’s ballet flats and throwing courderoy-patched-elbows to vie for the hippest get-up, onlookers cheered the brave contestents in their struggle with the mud trap that had become Patterson Park. Then the party escaped out of the drizzle to eat mussels and drink Boh at Bertha‘s, a Fell’s Point landmark that we’ve been meaning to try for a year and a half.

Thanks to the Urban Discoveries Blog for pointing out the weekend’s highlights.

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Let the sun shine


Let the sun shine

The economy may be crumbling, but the sun is shining in Baltimore today. Temperatures are racing up to 41, then 54 tomorrow. Iced-over snow from Monday’s six-inch dumping will shrink and vanish. Unimpeded by black ice–not that she can see the visible kind–Foxy will gallop through Ploy alley sniffing for rats. We will frolic in soggy poop-smeared grass opposite City Cafe. 

Sorel boots will be shoved to the back of closets with old textbooks and graduation hats. Sweaters will be dry cleaned to avoid further demolition by moths. Blowdryers will be eschewed and lazy drip-dry hair maintenance will resume.

Soon, street festivals will bring pasty-puffy winter faces out of hibernation. Baltimore’s brave young cafes will set up tables and seats outside on broken sidewalks. Dogs will sniff each others’ butts as owners leisurely gossip over take-out coffee in Wyman Park .

But, it will probably be some weeks before this detente occurs. The lion of winter is still under us. March is the cruelest month.

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