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Baltimore Sun's Breaking News picWhile this blog was sleeping, the thermometer rattled up from wintry lows to a sweltering 90 degree high, matching a mark set in 1929.

It’s drinking weather. Jesus has risen. It’s almost the end of the week. Take a cue from the dude in bare feet and cut loose already.

“Wristbanding” for the Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival begins tomorrow at 5:45 at the Timonium Fair Grounds. “Pitmasters” from Texas and North Carolina, bluegrass, cigar smoking, and whiskey drinking awaits revelers for tickets priced from $35 to 55. 40 bourbons will be on offer, from old standards like Jim Beam to 23-year old Pappy Van Winkle and 10 year-old Eagle Rare. You can drink your way through 60 beers (Although organizers include some suspect characters on the beer list, including Smirnoff Cranberry & Lime, Buffalo Bills Blueberry Oatmeal Stout, and 4 kinds of Woodchuck cider.)


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Warm it up, Chris

It’s 22 degrees outside. The Weather Channel says tomorrow’s high will be 27. Need a remedy?

1. Cafe Mocha at Zachi’s on Read Street. Proprietor Hoda’s meticulously-prepared coffee drinks–sprinkled with shavings of dark chocolate–are worth the wait, during which you could check your email with their free wi-fi. Her creamy, cinnamon-speckled rice pudding makes an excellent accompaniment.

2. Gingerbread latte at Metropolitan Coffeehouse and Wine Bar.  Spiked with Hiram Walker liqueur, this frothy beverage will make you forget a certain ubiquitous coffee chain proffers a simulacrum of this beverage. (Thanks to Baltimore Sun nightlife writer Sam Sessa for this tip).

3. Irish Coffee at Jay’s on Read Street. This old fashioned piano bar is a rare treat for the ladies, as silver-haired gay couples give you a gentlemanly nod, then leave you alone.

4. Rum Toddy at Woodberry Kitchen. When the honeyed, orange-clove spiced rum hits your belly you won’t care that it costs $10. This comfort drink may also take the edge off your $170 bill.

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Can we copy the Rock and Roll Hotel? I think I spotted a Jenga set on the block.

Spotted in DailyCandy DC today:

Drunken Jenga
What: Play the game, dance to music from Mister Disco, and drink $2 PBRs.
Why: Don’t be so puzzled.
When: Thurs., 8 p.m.- 2 a.m.
Where: Rock and Roll Hotel, 1353 H St. NE, b/t 13th & 14th Sts. (202-388-7625).

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