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Dixon Resigns

The un-surprising news came yesterday around noon, broken by either Marc Steiner or WBALTV’s Jayne Miller. Sheila Dixon, our fiery first-female in chief, stepped down before sentencing wiped out her chances of future politicking and an $83,000 pension. Her plea agreement includes 500 hours of community service and a planned auction on eBay of the X Box “Need for Speed” game and camcorder purchased with BestBuy gift cards meant for poor Baltimore City children. It was a measly $500 in gift cards that won the prosecution the embezzlement conviction but a litany of other perjury and theft charges threatened to sink her later if gift card-related appeals failed. Reactions have varied.

“It’s a little disappointing,” said Dixon in a wandering article published in the Baltimore Sun yesterday. “It’s a sad and difficult time for Baltimore,” she said in a published statement quoted in today’s top story in the Sun about Dixon’s decision to step down. The Sun pointed out that she was indicted a year ago for other charges, and that she has of late “vowed to fight the jury’s guilty finding, which would have forced her from office.” Yet, “cracks in that stance have been forming.” (more…)


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Aerial Shot of Fort McHenryYesterday’s eerily foggy and rainy weather gave way to abundant sunshine this morning, and the Baltimore Block was there to greet the day in fashion.  Done up in our finest new clothes, we cleared the cobwebs off our lonely bicycles and made our way to the Abbey Burger Bistro for some early morning footie.  The Bistro, which is home to both the Charm City Gooners and one of the most extensive burger menus in town (plus some of the more intriguing milkshakes including the Berger Shake – ingredients = berger cookies, vanilla ice cream, stoli vanilla and godiva liquer), was surprisingly full for the 830 AM kickoff, and the Arsenal supporters left happy after a convincing 3 x 0 victory over an ambitious Aston Villa side who is poised to qualify for next year’s UEFA Champions League. (more…)

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"My New East Side is Active"

"My New East Side Is Active"

800 houses were gobbled up last week by the East Baltimore Development Inc (EBDI). As the Urban Discoveries blog notes the initiative is actually taking off, after countless cleared blocks, lots and fields have laid fallow for years (EBDI was established in 2003).

The $1.8 billion program is gearing up to establish an 88-acre mixed use development with mixed income housing blocks,  schools, Johns Hopkins biopark, and actual parks. Oh, and a hotel at Eager and North Wolfe. Yes, you read that right… We trust the EBDI will inform guests to utilize the fitness center rather than strolling north, east or west into (likely debilitated) blocks unacquired by EBDI.

Rumor had it, a couple years back, that a Trader Joe’s was bound for the lot northwest of Johns Hopkins hospital. Could that be in store for the 80,000 square feet of retail promised to East Baltimore, the land where the brave retailers on Monument Street–S&A Dollar Store and Payless Shoes–shut behind bullet proof metal covers after 6pm.

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I missed the Project Runway finale, but at least I caught this SNL sendup of it, from the New York Observer site where my friend Jason is blogging about the jaw-dropper of a political scandal brewing up in New York. I think he should ignore the media blitz and get on with taking back New York from Republicans who want to build more prisons upstate.

Anyway, back to Project Runway.

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