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This blogger thinks that Rosee should take the GREs over so that she can get a true assessment of all the hard work she put in over the past 4 months. TAKE THAT ETS!!!! SCREW YOU!!!!!!


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ETS Rant

Blogs get a bad rep because they empower the un-throttled rant to ricochet throughout the net (embarrassing, potentially libelous). Alternatively, a blog rant may languish in a tiny cyber pocket making the writer look sad (for any second party who happens upon said post) and not nearly busy enough with her daytime job.

I’ve got a rant for you, Calvert Street. Fair warning… See, I took the $*(W%#&$ GRE (nb, a signature of said blogging style is to punch symbol keys with emphasis) this morning and I thought I did good. Yeah! I was thinking, Take that, my 21 year-old interns, rolling out of bed and acing that sucker. And yes, everyone but me at Prometrics’ 13th floor perch at 1501 South Clinton Street was 22, wearing sweats and sporting bed head. (more…)

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