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Alexandria City Hall, Courtesy Creative CommonsWe had a tiny blow up yesterday. It was uncouth and ill-timed, but heartfully meant. Some background:

Sometimes our existence in Baltimore (academia + overwhelming Democratic majority + progressive art scene + poor people everywhere) leads us to believe the world is full of socially concerned citizens who are nail-bitingly conscious of inequity, la la la. We fancy ourselves a speck in an excitedly-enfranchised populous who are, mentally at least, forging a future with our brave new leader to achieve a more leveled, rational society. Maybe we’re not as politically and community active as we should be but there is a feeling that, post January, we are soldiering along together to undo the Bush years, through a minefield of economic near-catastrophe. Popular support for the marred but promising young administration is strong, we hear on NPR, and we are hopeful that they’ll get us to the promised land, or at least the state of lower health care costs, in the next eight years. Holding hands and striding–

Not so, my friends! Some of us journeyed to red state-turned-purplishblue Virginia for a crash review course in political sensitivity.

Virginia went blue, features a democratic governor, and is in terms of ethnic diversity up north basically a mini UN. Beginning this December, tobacco’s homeland is outlawing smoking in many bars. It’s full of well educated professionals working in Washington. That don’t mean that the good ol’ boys have packed up their confederate flags–or their statues.

We are on King Street, Alexandria, a neighborhood with gentile colonial style brick shops and upscale restaurants that looks a lot like Federal Hill. The buildings are remarkably adherent to the 18th century style and all display white lights delicately arching across the street.

We observe folks smoking in a bar and say, isn’t it amazing people can still light up inside. A guy plops down at our table to have his say. He’s a bit scruffy, and wouldn’t look out of place at the Brewer’s Art on Charles street. Then he opened his mouth.

I’ll call him Chester cause he looks like he stepped out of Dude, Where’s My Car.

Chester: Ya’ll didn’t support him [Obama] did you

Us: Yes, isn’t it great…

Chester: He wants to turn this country into socialism.

Friends: Isn’t this basketball game fantastic? Did you see that play?



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Rabble-rousing in Washington Place after Obama's resounding victory

Election night rabble-rousing in Washington Place

We all heard about celebrations, rain mixing with tears, in front of the White House and on historically black U Street. Yet while Washington, Harlem and Times Square rocked with joy, many of Baltimore’s inhabitants apparently slept through the night. Needless to say, the rabble rousers above didn’t sleep much. After four cable news channels proclaimed BARACK OBAMA ELECTED PRESIDENT, we blinked, rubbed our eyes and started to shout, hysterically. After celebratory drinks at the weirdly sedate Midtown Yacht Club, we joined a herd of 20-somethings gathered around the Washington Monument jumping and shrieking at any car spotted (there weren’t many at 1:30am) until they slapped us five and honked good and loud. Any and all passersby shouted and raised fists. I spotted my trusted OBAMA t-shirt from MoveOn.org on a couple other people. BARACK ON! we enthused. Yes, we can– Yes, we did! 

I voted

I voted

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Obama Pumpkins

Not a trick

November 5: Not a trick

A photo leftover from this past Halloween weekend when we hoped, prayed, and made randomized phone calls to Pennsylvania voters, that today we would have a president-elect with 21st century-fushion ethnicity, strange name to match, and a steely gaze at the future and the good, hard work we will begin in January.

Anna carves a mean pumpkin.

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From this Washington Post story, it’s evident that the world (or at least a few representatives in Turtle Bay) wants Obama.

What does the world need now? A decision! How can we get it?

Clearly, a dance off would help. Who’s got the moves? Who’s posse will regulate on November 4? How does McCain really feel about Sarah Palin? It’s all in this video.

Then, read Kathleen Parker’s Freudian analysis of why McCain chose Palin. Hint: that gosh darn Alaska charm didn’t hurt.

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Summering in Fall

Baltimore, summering in fall

Baltimore, summering in fall

On the evening of the last debate in the 2008 election, Mother Nature has decided to cast a vote.

At least that’s how I am choosing to intepret the weird 80-degree weather Baltimore is experiencing in mid October.

She’s saying, Mr. Obama, Mr. McCain, don’t drill, baby, drill. 

“It’s not just the economy. It’s the warming planet, stupid!”

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Sarah Palin as Mayor

Miss Sarah of North Collington Street, another great Baltimore block, forwarded a video interview with two young Alaskan women. While this does not immediately pertain to Baltimore, it is of interest to many here as it pertains to a perky VP wanabee who could end up in an oval-shaped office 40 minutes south of Charm City.

The ladies in the video discuss Ms. Palin’s actions as Wasilla, Alaska’s mayor. In a nutshell, to quote Joni Mitchell, she paved paradise and put up a parking lot. Watch and weep.

Oh and ps — Sarah Palin’s faux Facebook page–too good not to share.

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